Program (preliminary!)

You can download the PDF of the preliminary program here (once it is available).

Speakers (all confirmed)

Liz Ballou
Cellular Microbiology,
School of Biosciences,
University of Birmingham, UK

Alexandra Brand
MRC Centre for Medical Mycology,
School of Medicine, Medical Sciences & Nutrition,

University of Aberdeen, UK

Duccio Cavalieri
School of Microbiology,
University of Florence, Italy

Colin Hill
School of Microbiology,
University College Cork, Ireland

Oliver Kurzai
Medical Microbiology and Mycology,
Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology,
University of W├╝rzburg, Germany

Alice McHardy
Computational Biology of Infection Research,
Helmholtz Center for Infection Research,
Braunschweig, Germany

Bernhard Renard
Robert Koch Institute, Berlin, Germany

Nicola Segata
Computational Metagenomics
University of Trento, Italy

Nassos Typas
Structural and Computational Biology,
European Molecular Biology Laboratory,
Heidelberg, Germany